Lacrosse is not a WIAA sport through the school district. White RIver Lacrosse is sponsored by White River High School, however, we as a club are a non profit, and are self funded. We rely on the support of our Families, Friends, and Community Members, donations and fundraising. 100% of the proceeds goes towards supporting the White River Lacrosse Team with new uniforms, and equipment needed for the players to be safe, as well as pay for field, bus, and ref fees are among the many items we need to fund as a club.

Right now, you have an opportunity to directly impact the lives of high school boys in the White River community. We have a handful of seasoned players that have experience with high school lacrosse through different local clubs as well as the youth Hornets Lacrosse Association. We are excited for the upcoming season. We are asking for your sponsorship to help meet our fundraising goal. Your support and gratitude, at any level is greatly appreciated.

Lacrosse is more than a game. It is a family, a tradition, and a way of life.

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